About The Site

Jason & Justin’s Journey is a website created by the Leider family to share their story, and to help provide the financial stability our family will need to support the future medical equipment, handicapped accessable home adjustments for Jason and Justin’s physical needs, and the continuous unexpected medical expenses we will endure X2 (times 2).

And also… simply to help our family enjoy life to the fullest and maximize every minute, so we can create happy moments & everlasting memories.

An amazing group of friends and family have gathered in support, to help us raise funds and spread awareness to this Rare and Devastating Disease, and ultimately enjoy our little boys allowing us to “LET THEM BE LITTLE”.

Deena and Jeff Leider along with the “Our Journey” team work very hard to bring awareness to MPS diseases. Please read through our site to learn more about:

  • A mysterious and extremely rare Genetic Disease called Mucopolysaccharidoses-2, commonly known as MPSIIor Hunter Syndrome.
  • Learn the destructive powers MPS has on these innocent little bodies.
  • See the physical & mental effects and devastation MPS brings to families.
  • Hopefully raise enough money to give support our family and FIND a CURE.

Don’t Stop Believing!